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image of Alecia for intentions yoga website in saskatoon saskatchewan

Why work with me?

I am Alecia, a yoga teacher, light worker, and somatic experiencing practitioner in training.  I help empathic people find empowerment through connection to their body’s innate wisdom.  

My expertise embraces the connection between mind, body, and spirit. I offer holistic guidance focusing on personal empowerment.

If you are an empath looking to empower yourself to step into your highest timeline, embody a  healthier lifestyle, or are seeking profound soulful evolution, I am here to help you realize your next best step.

Let’s bring your greatest intentions to life!

My Spiritual Awakening

My spiritual awakening began in 2012.  

I knew that life on this planet had to be about more than what mass media, school, and the various programming was showing me was the truth of this reality.

I innately knew that there was a deeper meaning.

2020 brought a huge shift in consciousness into my experience.  

The microcosm and macrocosm of my entire life was undergoing huge upgrades.  It was during this time that my next great AWAKENING transpired which began to steer my life into embodied soulful alignment. 

My spiritual awakening opened both my heart chakra and third eye.  
It is from this perspective I teach my classes, hold my sessions & share my knowledge. 


It is my intention to empower individuals to step into their highest possible timeline in connection with the divine spark of pure potential within.

image of Alecia for intentions yoga website in saskatoon saskatchewan

Move Your Body

Yoga Classes

Somatic Yoga Therapy

New Moon Ceremony

Expand Your Mind

Arcturian Multidimensional Energy Healing


Take an empowering journey through the Elements with this self-led online course

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