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INTENTIONS: Elementals

  • 55Days


 Gain a deeper understanding of your elemental nature through a holistic yoga practice that aligns with the energy of earth, air, fire, & water.  Experience a transformative journey that bridges the gap between spiritual concepts and practical, embodied practices, fostering a profound connection to your spiritual self. ELEMENTALS: Embodied Spirituality is a gentle, yet empowering journey designed for those seeking to understand the basics of spirituality and integrate this wisdom through movement. This course is not just about acquiring knowledge but about embodying the principles, allowing you to step into your inner power and emerge as a New Earth Leader in 2024. This 4-week self-led program provides you with the clarity you need to navigate and fully ground your spiritual awakening by understanding yourself in relation to the elements. 🌿earth - ground (physical) 🌀air - heal (mental) 🔥fire - burn (energetic) 🌊water - clear (emotions) By understanding and harnessing your elemental forces you can facilitate a deeper understanding, empowerment and healing in all aspects of your life. This course focuses on a holistic approach connecting you to your elemental energies, helping you to move beyond the mental understanding to incorporate a physical dimension into your spiritual journey, using movement practices as a grounding mechanism. Elementals deepens your connection to yourself as a natural being. The overarching goal is to connect you more deeply to yourself and to your own self inquiry. Elementals will help you to see that you are an integral part of nature 🌿 and help you to explore your identity in the broader context of existence.

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