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“I just finished the yoga class. It was absolutely incredible. I am moved to tears. I remember a yoga instructor indicating that sometimes we can be moved to tears as we are releasing. This was very true. It felt so good to connect again. I forgot the passion I have for the physical and spiritual connection I feel with yoga. 

 I feel the universe brought you to me to make such a profound difference in my life when I needed it the most. 

 Please know you are making a difference and you have a gift.”

-       Mia

“Alecia - I just want to say thank you. A huge thank you. I did your class tonight and I learned so much. Not just about poses and yoga but about myself too. I had a hard time tuning life out. I need to take time to focus on me, and shut the brain off from the... oh right -dishes... what appointments do I have tomorrow? What's for supper? I need to ground myself. It was an amazing start. I am going to make an effort to focus on me a little more and continue to follow the class every day/second day”

- Jaime

“Alecia opens here heart and her home to share her beautiful yoga practices.  She provides a very high vibe experience, welcoming environment and every class is beautiful and inspiring.

She shears here knowledge in a playful, practical and calming way.  Alecia takes the time to explain and offer adjustments thought , be a Vinyasa class or during kundalini.  I’ve’ noticed myself only getting stronger every time I find my mat.

Alecia’s kundalini practice has helped me awaken my own power, ignite within and provide strength to move forward with my own goalsand aspirations.  I truly appreciate everything she inspires in me and I thank you for that.  Sat Nam”

– Nicole Wold

“Amazing teacher, always willing to teach new people and make them feel comfortable. Always feel completely grounded and stress free after a practice!” - Terry

“I really enjoy Alecia's classes, the vibes are intimate, and each class is carefully curated and well thought out. I'd highly recommend trying Kundalini if you never have, it  is lovely.”  - Christina Pearson

“Relaxing and quiet atmosphere.  Most importantly, an excellent yoga instructor.” - Daryl Angus

“Best home studio class I've been to in Saskatoon. Very welcoming!”

- Kathryn Bonner

“I am really grateful for my Tuesday night yoga.  I’ve lived with chronic body pain for math years from accident’s in my past. After a couple classes I’ve noticed the difference in my flexibility, my chronic pain is almost gone.  It’s a great space to just clear your mind and give the body much needed love.  Thanks to you Alecia for being a great instructor.  I always feel refreshed and relaxed.”

– Jason Dalnoki

“I asked Alecia do to a custom class for me for solstice, and to help let go of some frustration that I was holding on to. With her intake forms and a few questions she easily discovered what would be most beneficial for me and made a beautiful, heart opening class that made me feel amazing, centered and open.  The pace was perfect.. she heeded my specific requests about poses that I have troubles with, and gave me a great session that brought heat to my body and hearts. Highly recommend.  Thank you Alecia”

– Nicola Tabb

“Alecia does an amazing job of adapting her class to your individual needs. I was recovering from an injury and she adapted the work I did in such a way that it didn’t impact the other participants, and I was comfortable with the moves. She is very approachable and her passion for yoga shines through.”

-  Ann Iwanchuk

“The first thing that caught my attention with Alecia’s teachings and yoga classes is how powerful her voice is. It creates safety and her grounded and assertive tone is gentle and soothing.

I’ve always felt very comfortable being led by her in a kundalini yoga class or hearing the dharma talks that Alecia offers and would recommend her in a heartbeat!

She loves what she does and embodies her practice beautifully!”

- Malika Sellami


“I was un-sure what to expect from this type of healing session but I trust and admire Alecia. The session was simple,  I just laid down, I felt a presence immediately,  a lifting sensation then, lowering just before the session ended. What I noticed in the days-weeks following is a difference in my journaling, a curiosity,  more positive thoughts, a couple of A-ha moments,  can this be attributed to Arcturian Multidimensional Healing?

Sure, may be, why not! All I know is I feel better, calmer, more open to possibilities.  I look forward to another session to see how my mind responds. How blessed are we that we are curious beings wanting to be better/do better and have teachers willing to assist in our journey. Thank you Alecia. “      - Elaine McCutcheon

“Alecia’s space was comfortable and relaxing.  Everything was explained thoroughly, all of my questions were answered.  I felt the release of some of the emotional issues I have been dealing with.  The session allowed me to let go of the stress of the day.  I look forward to more healing sessions.” -Amanda Lyn

“Alecia did an amazing job informing me about the session and what it entails.  Her gentle and calm energy is perfect for guiding people through this healing modality.  I felt lighter and my third eye was unblocked.  I've been experiencing intuitive abilities arise again. Which was really wonderful because I had felt stuck in that area for years. 

I've had Reiki done before. I feel like this type of modality was much more profound than Reiki. I was surprised because it is more of a hands-off approach, but I felt a deeper connection to the experience. 

I'm interested in more sessions to see how this impacts me on all levels- body, mind and spirit.” 

- Hailey Smytaniuk


“I cannot thank Jolene, Kimberly + Alecia enough for the potent and powerful container they create and safe, nurturing space they hold! Thank you Queens, for sharing your combined and individual magick with us all!  I moved through some very challenging emotions during the day, resistance and self judgment. And although I held myself in compassion and grace, so did the beautiful souls of Blue Moon Retreats without even realizing it perhaps. Our day flowed seamlessly from Cacao, to Yoga, nature time and connection, lunch followed by Breathwork and into sound +song before supper! The retreat felt complete after fire ceremony, guitar + songs I left feeling nourished, uplifted, and supported. The following days I had multiple emotional releases, self realizations and deep reflections. As someone who gives easily and naturally, yet sometimes struggles to pause and receive, I can genuinely say these ladies made it easy for me, and I'm so grateful I answered the call to join them in sisterhood.100% recommend signing up for any events by Blue Moon Retreats: Jolene, Kimberly or Alecia for personal, spiritual, emotional + mental well-being.”

-         Michelle Paul

"I am beyond grateful for the safe space that Alecia, Jolene, and Kimberley create for a group of beautiful souls to come together, share scared space, heal, laugh, cry, learn, share, breath, stretch, grow and leave connected. It was pure magic. So much love for this group.  Until we meet again"

- Julie Schappert

"My experience at this retreat was outstanding!  I found the facilitators in synch and they flowed together which reflected on the participants. I would recommend a retreat like this and look forward to attending another one."
-Michele Kralkay

“The retreat was an amazing opportunity to slow down and heal my mind and body. The 3 ladies had so much knowledge, experience and love for the group. Every moment was authentic and well thought out. I gained so much love and appreciation for myself during and after the retreat. I will most definitely be doing it again! 

They created such a safe space for me to feel and understand my emotions. I am so full of gratitude which is a huge transformation for me, as this feeling has not come easy to me in the past. I cannot find the words to express how much this experience has changed my life for the better”  

-          Miranda Parker

A Nurturing Journey at Blue Moon Retreats! I recently attended an event at Blue Moon Retreats and was profoundly moved by the exceptional experience provided by Alecia, Kimberley, and Jolene.
Their combined knowledge and unwavering support created a transformative atmosphere for participants at all stages of their personal journey. The trio's dedication to guiding others on their paths of enlightenment was evident, making the retreat an enriching and inspiring experience.

What stood out most was the genuine care and inclusivity fostered by thefacilitators. Alecia, Kimberley, and Jolene created a safe space whereeveryone, regardless of their individual progress, felt loved and cherished notjust physically but emotionally as well. This compassionate approach set theretreat apart, offering a unique blend of expertise and emotional support thatmade the entire experience exceptionally meaningful.

I wholeheartedly recommend Blue Moon Retreats to anyone seeking to continuetheir journey of self-discovery. The diverse range of events caters to variousinterests and experience levels, ensuring that each participant finds value inthe carefully curated programs.

My time at Blue Moon Retreats was truly transformative, thanks to the wisdom ofthe facilitators and the nurturing environment they cultivated. I am gratefulfor the experience and eagerly anticipate future events with this remarkableteam.
- Dallas Schneider

For me this retreat was all about connection and awareness. Because of the safe, sacred space that Jolene, Kimberley and Alecia created, I was able to embrace all the experiences with an open heart and feel it all.

I was able to connect with my breath, my body, my senses and higher self through the Kundalini Yoga, breathwork, sound baths, ceremonies and nutritious soul food.

I also felt so connected with all the beautiful souls at the retreat for the weekend. The whole experience was pure magic. I recommend this retreat to anyone on a personal journey of self-love and anyone who is seeking connections with self and other like-minded people.
- Crystal


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