Vinyasa Yoga

Join me Tuesday and Thursday evening for Vinyasa Yoga.  This is the practice that likely comes to mind when you think of yoga.  

During this one hour class you will be guided into various poses by flowing your body and connecting movement with breath.  This is called a Vinyasa Flow. 

The act of linking movement with breath connects your mind and body bringing you into the present moment.  This offers a reprieve from the monkey mind and provides your body with the training it needs to maintain or increase strength and flexibility

You will notice a difference in your ability to practice within just 3 classes.  Muscle memory will kick in and the poses will start to become second nature.  Once this happens your practice begins to  deepen. 

You will begin to connect with your breath and the movement will become more fluid.  You will begin to feel a deep connection to self and inner peace will radiate from within you.

Yoga has supported human-kind for centuries by promoting connection to self and inner peace.  If you are looking for a physical practice that will bring more clarity and contentment into your life, this practice is for you!  ~ Namaste

Vinyasa Yoga

Tuesday at 7pm

Kundalini Yoga

Wednesday Evening at 7pm

We are souls - we have a body

This practice is more esoteric.

During this one hour class I will lead you through meditations to connect with your chakra system.  

You will use mudras, mantras and a series of angulated postures called Kriyas to achieve a particular result.  Kriyas are created to move energy within the body raising your vibration and releasing blocks that may be keeping you stuck in negativity.

Kundalini is called the "Yoga of Awareness".  In this practice you connect deeply with yourself as more than a physical being by focusing on the deeper essence of who you are. From this higher perspective your consciousness begins to shift to a more loving state.

This practice can bring about drastic shifts as you awaken more fully to who you are as a divine soul and unlock that spark of pure potential within you aka your Kundalini.

Join me on this divine adventure as we journey to the centre of the self!  ~Sat Nam

New Moon Ceremony

Last class for the season - April 7

**Resuming September 2024

Join me monthly for a beautiful INTENTION setting ceremony.

This candle lit practice includes deep postures, easy transitions & meditation to bring you into a state of contentment and clarity.  

From here we connect with the rhythms of nature to set our INTENTIONS - planting a seed in the dark fertile soil of the New Moon.


Click HERE for more information about the magic of setting intentions with the New Moon

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