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Generational Trauma from a Spiritual Perspective

As we embark on the healing journey it becomes abundantly clear that some of the things we are healing do not even belong to us.  Or they do in a way, like a used car now belongs to its new owner.  But the dents scrapes and scratches are from a time before.  From a different owner.

Just like that used car comes to you now with all its dents, and scrapes and possible cigarette burns in the back seat, so do our souls carry the cigarette burns of the past.

Passed down through our DNA just like our eye color, we carry the energetic imprints our ancestors felt in their bodies when they experienced a traumatic event.  If they have been unable to heal this energy, we adopt the trauma plus any toxic coping mechanisms and addictions they used to numb the pain.  This is literally why they say that addiction is heredity.  It is a hereditary coping mechanism for the traumatic energy that continues to be passed down through the bloodline.

What I have realized is that the energy of trauma has to keep moving and keep going until it is healed and transmuted.  And so, on one hand you have this malevolent mother sewing her pain into her children through her lack of love and neglect, while on the other, within that mother is the benevolent wounded child that was never able to heal and can no longer hold onto all her pain.  It is a tricky one indeed and requires a massive amount of love and forgiveness for all parties involved.

Placing blame outside yourself into the hands of others is not a conducive environment for healing. Just like if you tried to go fishing in the desert. It's simply not the way to wield the results you are looking for.

The pain must be called out and faced.  It must be brought into light.  In the dark it continues to grow and fester and will continue to weave itself through an entire bloodline.   A person who does not face their trauma will subconsciously, unknowingly weave it into their lives and into the lives of their children and loved ones.  The energy is trying to express, it is trying to find a way to be understood and released, whether we are conscious of it or not. Someone has to decide to learn the lesson. That is the point of earth.

When you choose to become conscious and to heal, you choose to take full accountability for your life, and in that you can realize the stories that have shaped who you are from an empowered perspective.  Throughout my journey the one thing I have learned is that I am not alone.  We all have some really not nice, really f*d up shit to deal with.  Stories that have shaped who we are.  Stories that continue to shape the world we live in.

May we work towards a brighter future free from shame.  May we begin to understand that we are all in this together and that individually and collectively we have the power within us to heal our bloodlines to learn the lesson and to bring about a more peaceful existence for our souls and for all the other souls to come hereafter.

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